An exhaustive search for this lone picture of Donovan Solano in a Cincinnati Reds uniform Fans 2022


I set forward a somewhat broad pursuit, truly. I dug through the files of every single capturing substance that furnishes us with their work, effectively looking for an image of what the 2022 Cincinnati Reds were at any point expected to seem to be. Y'know, one of those shots of an infield sooner or later in Goodyear that had Donovan Solano at 3B, Jose Barrero next to him at short, and Jonathan India's hair making an appearance somewhere near the pack up the center. Perhaps the triplet of them in an aggregate high-five behind the hill after a stunning 5-4-3 that wrapped an inning, or something like that. There isn't one. That image up above, in all honesty, is the only one of Solano wearing the uniform by any means anytime other than for group picture day - and keeping in mind that there are a significant number of him in the uniform in group picture day, I can hardly comprehend how troublesome it was for him to remain with one entire ass hamstring ripped off its tracks. This isn't intended to slander Solano, incidentally. The person got injured in an extremely, terrible way, and the final product is that we've not verged on seeing him play for the Reds in this, his solitary year under agreement with the club. That he was at any point endorsed in any case for how much cash he was given is the head-scratcher of the time, notwithstanding, given exactly how out-of-both-sides-of-the-mouth the group's proprietors and front office staff were at the time about the coins in their sofas. What this is intended to say, notwithstanding, is that the Reds are presently 53 games into their 2022 season, the proprietors of the most horrendously awful record in the whole National League, yet giving zero looks with regards to what the living damnation they're even expected to be at the present time. There has been no Solano, endorsed for $4 million bucks to in a real sense won't ever play. There has been no Barrero, barely any India to sustain the center to show us around which they intend to construct.