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Cincinnati Reds ace Luis Castillo takes the mound today

Just win, baby.

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds take on the Washington Nationals on Sunday afternoon in Great American Ball Park, and will do so with ace Luis Castillo on the mound having rounded into fine form. Against them they’ll have the offerings of one Patrick Corbin, the lefty breaking-ball artist who’s in the midst of a contract the Nationals probably regret right about yesterday.

It would behoove the Reds to actually, y’know, not continue to lose games to other awful teams this year unless their endgame goal is to be, y’know, awful. Being awful is how rebuilds get you the top overall draft picks after all.

First pitch is slated for 1:40 PM ET. The lineups of said Cincinnati Reds and said Washington Nationals are listed below, precisely below enough for the 140 character threshold that some search engines need to not ignore our articles to have been exceeded.

Go Reds. They’re some of yoos favorite team.

Cincinnati Lineup

Washington Lineup