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Los Angeles dodges Cincinnati trolley, beats Reds 8-4

Another home loss. That’s a lot of them, lately. I could probably look that up.

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Writing about the day to day efforts of the Cincinnati Reds during the 2022 Major League Baseball season is as infantile as it is extemporaneous.

Nothing about this club was supposed to make for a team that won baseball games. They are going to lose, and lose often. They were designed to lose. They’re going to lose in ways that most teams try not to. They’re going to be outclassed, outmanned, out-everything’d.

When the Los Angeles Dodgers rolled into town, it was blatantly obvious that the Reds were going to need pristine performances out of the best of their best to even remain in the conversation beyond a few innings, and after a pair of games in this series, that simply hasn’t happened.

In a way similar to how Tyler Mahle was knocked around yesterday, Luis Castillo watched his gas get flamed through 5 laborious innings tonight. When your ace can’t do better than 4 ER in 5 IP against the Dodgers, when your lineup is chock full of guys signed to minor league deals, and when your bullpen is a who’s who of who the hell is that, odds are overwhelmingly in the favor of the club that paid to play.

The Los Angeles Dodgers scored 8 runs on Wednesday. The Cincinnati Reds scored 4. Suggesting the Reds are half as good as the admittedly beat-up Dodgers right now might even be somewhat generous.

Because the schedule dictates such, these two will try this again tomorrow with the first pitch of the final game of the series set for 12:35 PM ET. You’ll at least get to watch Hunter Greene try to tame this Dodger lineup while Clayton Kershaw gets to do what lefties have done to the Reds lineup for year after year after year.