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Game 60: Last Place Reds vs. First Place Cardinals (2:15 PM ET)

hooray sports!

2013 MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show Presented By Chevrolet Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic

The Cincinnati Reds have glitched again and now find themselves not only in last place in the National League Central - again - they’ve also got the worst record in all of Major League Baseball (again).

On the back of yet another bullpen implosion, the Reds are at risk of being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals in this series, a series that has seen the Cardinals climb back into first place in the Central. That’s just how it is with these clubs in perpetuity. That’s the kind of realization that, y’know, would lead the likes of many of us to wonder why the hell the people who have been running this mess for 16 years are still the ones in charge of doing so.

I digress.

Graham Ashcraft is good, and will try to be good again. Whether or not his league-worst bullpen and an outfield comprised of [/checks notes] nevermind will help him out remains to be seen.

First pitch is up in a couple of minutes. Go Reds.

Reds Lineup

Cardinals Lineup