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Great spoonerism potential through Cincinnati Reds history

A Friday List

Baltimore Orioles Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Paul Blair was an oft-brilliant outfielder whose 17-year career saw him win 8 Gold Gloves and twice take home World Series titles with both Baltimore and the New York Yankees, respectively. He posted a 20/20 season in an All-Star season in 1969, was valued at 37.7 career bWAR, and even got a short cameo with the Cincinnati Reds at age-35 in his penultimate season of 1979.

While his career was superb, it’s his name that gets him mention here at Red Reporter today on this, a Friday when we shall list. Paul Blair, after all, gets spoonerized to Baul Plair, which sounds like ball player. There are funnier spoonerisms out there in the long history of the baseball world, but there are perhaps few more perfect than that one - one that gets mention today thanks to Blair’s brief time spent wearing the Cincinnati C on his uniform.

The following is an incomplete list of excellent potentially spoonerized names in Cincinnati Reds history alongside Blair’s, un-spoonered here so that you can have the enjoyment of spoonerizing them yourself in your own respective noggins.

Nate Adcock

Ken Ash

Scott Bankhead

Matt Batts

Fred Beebe

Rube Benton

Gus Brittain

Jay Bruce

Frank Bruggy

Bubba Church

Buck Coats

Todd Coffey

Pop Corkhill

Bobby Durnbaugh

Frank Dwyer

Buck Farmer

Bill Fox

Bob Hooper

Billy Hoy

Bert Humphries

Mark Hutton

Bumpus Jones

Austin Kearns

Barry Larkin

Turk Lown

Bob Mabe

Wade Miley

Dave Parker

Bunny Pearce

Art Phelan

Pat Ragan


Scott Randall

Johnny Rizzo

Jeff Shaw

Gabby Street

Drew Stubbs

Billy Sullivan

Blake Wood

Benny Zientara