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Reds at Cubs, Cactus League Game 4 - Preview, Lineups

Traveling to Mesa to meet the Cubs

Syndication: The Enquirer Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Man, how nice is it that real, live baseball is back on. Just the sights and sounds are enough to send me to this weird type of zen place. And, since these games don’t count for anything, and they’re playing a lot of players that won’t make the team anyway, I don’t have to think about how the front office has systematically tore down the team for, um, resource alignment or something.

Hunter Greene is going to throw an inning in this one, so that’s dope. Here’s the lineup:

And here’s all the other good stuff:

Also, Locker Watch is on again today, because apparently that’s how the Reds announce stuff now. Brandon Drury has a locker in the clubhouse today, the latest in a set of acquisitions on the fringes of the roster.