Y'all disappoint me

Not a post I was planning on sending on this return to this once glorious site. . .

I have been, off and on (though admittedly mostly off because of work/family) this site for longer than I can remember. Hell, my picture is of my daughter as an infant, and she's 11 now! I'll have to update it to my little guy soon, cause he's more photogenic, anyway. Now, normally, I don't post but I try to follow and I love using this site to keep up with my team since I'm a scant 1500 miles from home.

But, I came back to y'all after about a 2-3 year absence (sweet jesus, how the time flies!) And I have to admit, I am very disappointed at most of the comments and threads I have read. I remember this as being a place where there were a variety of thoughts, ideas, and opinions flying about regarding our beloved Reds. What I have seen is anything but! Most every one of you, to a person, just shitting on the team and ownership with nary an argument otherwise. This will not do!

I guess my biggest problem is the negativity of it all. I guess I'm just getting older and learning from my mistakes, but one thing I have learned is that you'll get nowhere by only seeing the negative in things. Even the worst outcomes can provide some positive results, and this is The Embalmer talking so you know I've seen a thing or two!

Now, some people would say " leave that negativity behind!" But, to be honest, I love this site and you fellow Reds fans too much to do that! No, I am going to try, to the best of my ability and with whatever time I can, to dedicate myself to making this place a more positive enviroment for the Reds team, their management, their ownership, and to those fans that maybe have a different opinion than those of the majority, in the hope that this effort will create an environment where our favorite team can be viewed in a positive light by those who stumble onto our site by accident, coincidence, or by fate.

Let us see how well I can hold up to my own lofty goals, shall we. . .