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MLB Lockout Deadline Day Two - Electric Boogaloo

Talks are not dead...yet!

Syndication: USA TODAY Greg Lovett / USA TODAY NETWORK

That’s all-world ace Max Scherzer emerging from his vehicle for the start of yesterday’s talks between the MLBPA and Major League Manfred. Scherzer, now co-ace of the New York Mets, was on-hand as a representative in the talks that lasted well past 15 hours on what had previously been deemed the ‘deadline day’ for agreeing to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before Opening Day would be delayed and regular season games cancelled.

Well, that ‘deadline day’ has come and gone and now we have a new and improved Deadline Day: today. After both sides made progress into the wee hours of the morning, they conceded that they were too close to a deal to call things off entirely, putting the spotlight on talks today to get a 2022 season off and running with some semblance of normalcy.

There will be a Universal DH, I’m sure. Right now, the players are trying to keep the godawful idea of a 14-team playoff off the table, instead settling for the nearly as asinine 12-team playoff format instead. Owners, meanwhile, are probably asking the players to pay for all balls and the water bills in the locker rooms or some other dastardly concession, though I have no concrete evidence of such dastardly demands as of yet. Dastardly actors they are, though.

Anyway, it should be an interesting day today on the negotiations front. It’s also worth reminding the world that Scherzer, pictured above, is now a member of the Mets because Mets owner Steve Cohen has so much money that he could afford to break the average annual value record to sign Scherzer. This sport has cash, folks. Let it flow.

Rather, make it flow.