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Great Thanksgiving Names in Baseball History

A Friday List on a Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

It’s the best, really. A feast day on a Thursday, every year, with three days built-in on the backside for further stuffing and recovery. Enjoy a fire in the fireplace, cram delicious food into every nook and cranny you can muster, laugh hard, and revel. Watch ‘The Last Waltz.’ Try those beers you’ve been meaning to try.

Enjoy it all, all your Perfect Plates™.

On this almost-Friday, we celebrate an incomplete list of the greatest Thanksgiving names in baseball history, uncapitalized at this point of the post unlike the capitalized rendering in the title.

The brief, unapportioned list:

Turkey Stearnes

Jimmy “Dinner” Rollins

Mitchell Dressing

The 1959-1960 Puebla Sweet Potatoes of the Veracruz Winter League

Tyler “Jello” Saladino

Pie Traynor

Mike Pizza