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Bronson Arroyo headlines 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot

There are other, lesser names on it, too.

Boston Red Sox v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

When it comes to baseball players named Bronson, few can hold a torch to former Cincinnati Reds legend Bronson Arroyo. After coming to the Reds from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Wily Mo Peña, Arroyo unfurled his cornrows and unleashed leg-kicks and frisbees, successfully keeping hitters off-balance as the resident rotation anchor for 279 starts in the uniform.

In a career that spanned 16 seasons, Arroyo logged over 2400 innings and made 383 starts, earning a bid to an All Star Game, winning a Gold Glove, and logging some consolation votes in both the Cy Young and MVP races. His efforts earned him inclusion on the 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, which was officially released today.

Joining Bronson is ballot-stalwart Scott Rolen, as well as some other dudes. Rolen will hopefully earn induction this year after inching up to inclusion on 63.2% of ballots in last year’s voting, and surely Bronson can’t be too far behind.


Congrats to both on what’s an honor in itself, as simply making the cut to be on the ballot is akin to getting an invite to the NIT while still waiting to see if you make the NCAA tournament, too. It’s mixed-sports-metaphor Monday around here while we tune in to the World Cup, haven’t you heard?