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Cincinnati Reds fire some guys, keep some guys

More of the franchise overhaul that began...I dunno, years ago?

Pink Slip Party Photo by Spencer Platt/Newsmakers

Less than 24 hours after the devastating 15-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs that sunk the Cincinnati Reds to a last-place finish in the National League Central, the Reds have begun to fire some folks. The team doled out some details on Twitter this afternoon.

The team’s hitting was poor, their base running and defense were generally poor, their advance scouting was, apparently, poor, their bullpen was abysmal, and that’s all accounted for with this glut of departures.

Of course, that the front office game them giblets to work with and most of those giblet eventually got hurt is, apparently, the fault of these coaches and not the higher-ups that constructed this thing to begin with.

Anyway, all accounts suggest that manager David Bell and pitching wunderbar Derek Johnson will maintain their spots atop the coaching hierarchy, hopefully with more to work with in 2023 than they had in 2022. Hopefully here is the key word, I cannot emphasize enough.