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Cincinnati Reds storm into last place with 100th loss on season’s final day

Sell the team, Bob.

England Under Second Coronavirus Lockdown Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Today’s Cincinnati Reds game tied together all of the subplots that this miserable season had opened.

Jonathan India, hurt last night, was a late scratch from today’s lineup.

The Pittsburgh Pirates won, the Reds lost - obviously - and that sunk the Reds into a last place finish on the season’s final day thanks to Pittsburgh having owned the hell out of the season series between the two clubs.

The Chicago Cubs, tanking in their own right, shellacked the Reds by a 15-2 score.

On top of it all, the Reds loss was their 100th of the season, a mark of futility that won’t soon be forgotten around these, or any, parts.

Injuries, underperformance, lack of investment, and an overall apathy has enveloped this club over the last two-ish years, with a series of moves of abdication and scoffishness the only main themes from those in charge. A reputation has been formed by this ownership group whether they’re observant enough to notice it, or not, and dear god did their product this season live up to that rep.

I’d like to think this is the kind of rock-bottom for which we have long sought through this, the second major rebuild of the Reds since 2015. The last half of that sentence should be descriptive enough of just how fed up we should be, we are with this group, but lord knows there are hundreds of thousands more words we could spell out if the gumption so suited.

Thus endeth the 2022 Cincinnati Reds, as futile at the finish as they were during their 3-22 start to the season, neither rebound nor revelation a part of their six month journey through the schedule. A 62-100 season for the ages.