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Reds aim to not go gentle into that good, final night game

Rage, rage...

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds played, and won, a baseball game yesterday. They broke their [/insert large number] losing streak, and in doing so mathematically prevented this season from containing the single largest number of losses in team history.

Rest assured, anything short of another win this year means they can still tie that record, so that’ll be their goal heading into tonight’s final night game of the season against the Chicago Cubs.

Wick, you say - that sentence was nebulous as hell! Is their goal to win tonight, or to tie the all-time franchise record for losses in a single season?

Readers, I say - that would likely depend on which portion of the franchise you asked.

Anyway, it’ll be relieiver-turned-starter Luis Cessa on the mound for the final time as the Reds take the field this evening. He’ll be up against Chicago starter Javier Assad, about whom I know not.

First pitch is set for 6:40 PM ET, I believe, though the neighbors across the street from me have had a tree crew mauling and bludgeoning a 90 foot elm tree to bits all morning and the sound of it has made my brain dissolve into a puddle of semisentient goo. So, double check that, if you please.

Reds Lineup

Cubs Lineup