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Cincinnati Reds links - One team’s non-tender is another team’s treasure

Some casual Monday links!

Jungle Mystery Photo by LMPC via Getty Images

Wandy Peralta closed out the Cleveland Guardians last night as the New York Yankees pushed their ALDS series to a decisive Game 5. Wandy Peralta!

Anyway, the remnants of the Cincinnati Reds have mostly sat idle over the weekend following Friday’s cull of the 40-man roster - the one that saw a whopping four catchers lopped off. And while the playoffs march on, there has been precious little new news regarding our Reds. Still, we have cobbled together some links somewhat parallel to the operations of this particular baseball franchise we follow.


The Reds figure to be shopping only in the bargain-bin again this winter when it comes to additions to their big league squad, which means it’s probably a good idea to turn your focus to other teams’ non-tender candidates.

FanSided’s Around the Foghorn - who covers the San Francisco Giants - had a few, with LaMonte Wade Jr. an interesting candidate given that the Reds currently have zero outfielders. Rising Apple, FanSided’s New York Mets site, also fomented some non-tender ideas, with Joely Rodriguez the one that caught the eye most, probably because he’s the only one with a functioning elbow of the group.

SI’s FanNation site covering the Kansas City Royals chimed in on their club, too, with Brad Keller - who the Reds once selected in the Rule 5 Draft only to trade him immediately - another name that’s got a bit of intrigue.

On the flip side of that all is what the Reds themselves may look to accomplish ahead of the non-tender deadline, especially given their crowded 40-man roster and a stash of highly regarded prospects that deserve roster spots to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft. Our friends at Redleg Nation took a closer look at that, with the pitchers in the spotlight for such decisions.

In other news, here’s a list of eight teams where free agent star Trea Turner might land. I regret to inform you that the Cincinnati Reds were not listed.

Elly De La Cruz is off to a blistering start in the Dominican Winter League, as Joe Trezza pointed out in his minor league roundup for

Finally, the Reds have a pair of Trainee-level job openings at the moment, as the fine folks at FanGraphs relayed. Go forth and change the course of all of our lives, someone!