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Cincinnati Reds pursue elusive 61st win of 2022 season today in Wrigley Field

Almost there!

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds escaped the ignominy of waking up in last place in the National League Central this morning thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday evening. As it stands, they sit a game ahead of the Pirates in the race for the basement, though the two clubs will get their chances to flip the standings again today.

Nick Lodolo will toe the rubber for the Reds in Wrigley Field as they take on the Chicago Cubs once again. The Reds did that thing where they score fewer runs than their opponents again on Friday in yet another loss, and that opportunity is certainly on the table for them again today despite their prized lefty getting the start. During the month of September, their team 74 wRC+ and .284 wOBA ranked last and second to last among all MLB teams, and when the offense is that putrid it often doesn’t matter how effective the pitching is when it comes time to win or lose a game.

To top that off, Jake Fraley - the team’s lone beacon of offensive performance of late - is out of the lineup today with a LHP on the mound in Drew Smyly. Enjoy Arby’s.

First pitch is again set for 2:20 PM ET - on a Saturday during college football season in which Kentucky and Ohio State are ranked in the top 10 - so good luck talking someone into putting this one on the tee-vees.

Reds Lineup

Cubs Lineup