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Game 154: Reds vs. Nationals (7:10 PM ET) - Gray vs. Espino

A game of sport.

Atlanta Braves v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds host the Washington Nationals for a baseball game this evening. Baseball games are fun, in a vacuum, if you ignore that the way you actually hang banners and frame trophies in this sport is by keeping track of how many of them you win and lose.

Let’s just try to focus on this scheduled 9 inning affair tonight then, why don’t we?

Sonny Gray on the bump for the Reds. A guy I’ve honestly never heard of (or remembered, at least) on the bump for the Nats, though he’s had enough success so far this year that I’m guessing he’ll be unhittable.

First pitch is set for 6:40 PM ET. I just hope it’s got some action before the inevitability, or at least that the Reds get beat by someone other than Juan Soto.

Reds Lineup

Nats Lineup