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Times Joey Votto has socked dingers since we last did A Friday List

A Friday List

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It’s been a hot minute since we got around to A Friday List here at Red Reporter. We’re talking weeks here, folks, as life and All Star breaks and deep-dives into chorizo recipes seemingly got in the way.

We’ve got one for you today, though, and thanks to the resident meatball chomper who has resided in the heart of the Cincinnati Reds lineup for more than a decade now, we’ve got some content for you, too.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, in a van down by the river, or just in Iowa, you’ve missed out on Joey Votto doing just about everything humanly possible to send baseball-occupied rockets into the stratosphere. It’s been a marvel to behold, frankly, and for those of us who are no longer young bucks, he actually looks as spry these days as he ever has. It’s the kind of career renaissance that should brighten your outlook on most anything regardless of peripheral news, but that it’s coincided - nay, driven the Reds into playoff contention has the round little bellies of Reds fans shaking like bowls full of jelly.

So, for this Friday, we look back at all 10 of the donks honked by the Hall of Fame bat of one Joey Votto during his recent 10-game bender.

Homer One, 7/24/21 - RHP Geoff Cardhurler, STL (350 ft, 97.5 mph EV)

Homer Two, 7/25/21 - RHP Jeff Cardinalpitcher, STL (406 ft, 104.0 mph EV)

Homer Three, 7/26/21 - RHP Kyle Hendricks, CHC (415 ft, 103.2 mph EV)

Homer Four, 7/27/21 - RHP Adbert Alzolay, CHC (419 ft, 105.2 mph EV)

Homer Five, 7/27/21 - RHP Adbert Alzolay, CHC (410 ft, 114.1 mph EV)

Homer Six, 7/28/21 - RHP Zach Davies, CHC (394 ft, 100.4 mph EV)

Homer Seven, 7/28/21 - RHP Cory Abbott, CHC (421 ft, 105.9 mph EV)

Homer Eight, 7/29/21 - RHP Alec Mills, CHC (431 ft, 111.3 mph EV)

Homer Nine, 7/30/21 - RHP Drew Smith, NYM (423 ft, 102.3 mph EV)

Homer Ten, 8/5/21 - RHP Wil Crowe, PIT (377 ft, 98.1 mph EV)

We love Joey Votto.