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Good Morning, Charlie

Better than last night, I hope

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

A Good Thing - The Mets fell apart over the last few weeks, in a form and fashion not unlike every other time the Mets fell apart in their long history of falling apart as they do. That’s not a good thing, really. The good thing is when Javy Baez and Francisco Lindor started giving Mets’ fans a big-ass thumbs-down after getting a big hit.

See, the Mets’ recent falling apart has caused a number of the local fans to express their distaste for such carryings-on. They have had just about enough of all this falling apart the Mets are doing. The fans booed and thumbsed-down when the Mets kept falling apart, so now the players have co-opted the thumbsing-down and do it to each other when one of them does something good.

I think this is a wonderful thing. In the grand opera of baseball, the Mets have played The Fool so often that type-casting doesn’t even begin to describe it. They are great at it, don’t get me wrong, but there are only so many ways Kramer can come through the door unannounced, you know?

Then they go out and get known weirdo Javy Baez in a failed bid at a postseason run and he - he’ll only be a Met for a few months, tops - convinces their newly signed franchise cornerstone - he’ll be a Met for like a decade - to do a dumb prank with him and get the entire fanbase - like, I’m talking universal revulsion - mad at them.

I’ve seen the Mets fall apart a million times. But I’ve never seen any team fall apart like that before.

A Bad Thing - The Reds lost last night. They managed two hits (both by I Still Can’t Believe He’s Still the Shortstop Still Kyle Farmer) and proved themselves once again to be impotent when tasked with facing down a left-handed starter. This time it was long-time toilet hog Jon Lester. He sucks, man.

Geno Suarez used to win games by himself against guys like that. I miss him a lot, you guys. I really don’t want to believe that his shoulder is kaputnik, but he’s getting beat by weak shit regularly now. They even got Asdrubal Cabrera, man.

You know he’s a good dude and he hates this way more than any of us could. At this point, he’s a liability and they can’t afford to run him out there even against a guy like Lester. Maybe an offseason to regroup and the upcoming DH can do him so good.

Speaking of Bad Things - Kyle Farmer is still starting at shortstop. Jose Barrero should come back up and be the everyday shortstop and slide Farmer over to 3B. It’s a Really Bad Thing that David Bell pretty much outright refused to do that, or at least its a thing I’mma need some ‘splainin of.

After tonight’s game (6:40 EDT!) rosters will expand to 28 so I’m sure we’ll see some kinda something to resolve this, but dang.