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Good Morning, Charlie

It’s pretty good

Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

A Good Thing - JonOBPthan India is looking more and more like Craig Biggio every dang day. He was on base three times last night with a homer and a double and a walk. His on-base percentage is an even .400, good for fourth in the NL. He leads the team in walks (Q: What was the last year somebody other than Joey led the Reds in walks?) and is best in the NL with 18 HBPs. You gotta go back to 2013 when Shin-soo Choo was smokin’ two bags a day to find a better lead-off hitter.

Another Good Thing - Speaking of league leaders, ya boy da wink smoked his 32nd two-bagger yesterday. That’s tops in the league. He’s also unmatched in total bags and total runs created.

Another League-Leading Thing, But Not A Good Thing - Yer Redboys also lead the league in bullpen meltdowns with 81. The basement-dwelling Marlins, Diamondbacks, and Orioles are your two-through-four in that department.

An Obvious Thing - The Reds’ bullpen has been getting rinsed out all year and shitass Bob Castellini is why.

A Cool Thing (!) About St Louis (???) - There’s a cool old catholic church they turnt to a skatepark. Way jam.

Another Thing - The Field of Dreams game is so stupid. All the dumb fake wood was dumb and cheap. Same with Joe Buck and Kevin Costner. Wooden and dumb.