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Good Morning, Charlie

So shines the light

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Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

A Good Thing - Maybe The Best Thing.

MISTER Prime Minister wishes to formally address the people and proclaim with great rigorous and fervent energy that he still does and indeed he MUST and forever shall.


And by his hands the peoples’ will be done.

Another Joey Thing - Trent’s piece points out that he has hit 14 homers in his last 20 games, which ties Frank Robinson for most as a Red. Another thing, though: David Bell talks about that ninth inning:

With the Reds down two runs in the ninth inning Wednesday, manager David Bell said he knew his team was in good shape because Votto was due up. And yes, that was even knowing that Votto entered the game 0-for-10 with four strikeouts in his career against Braves closer Will Smith.

“We were planning on the game getting extended,” Bell said. “We had a good feeling, we had a lot of confidence in that inning. The fact that Joey was coming to the plate, we just had a good feeling about the inning.”

I am 100% certain that David Bell was 100% certain that Joey Votto was 100% certain that he was gonna crush Will Smith last night because he has Smith figured now. Or at least, he knew what Smith was gonna throw and he knew he could crush it this time. I can’t know what that conversation between Bell and Votto was like, but deep in my heart I know exactly what it was like.

A Thing I’ve Been Muttering To Myself This Morning - Tony Baloney, Joey Baggadonuts, and Vinny Wedding Soup

A Thing I Hate - The word “restive” sounds nothing like it means.