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Joey Votto

Joey Votto

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Joey Votto Honorary Joey Votto of the Game

Joey Votto.

Key Vottos

  • Joey Votto.
  • Joey Votto did this:
  • Joey Votto.
  • Joey Votto did this, too:
  • The Reds lost in the Bottom of the 11th on a walk-off homer that was not hit by Joey Votto, because he only hit in the top-half of innings.

Joey Graphavotto

Source: FanGraphs

Other Votto Notes

  • Joey Votto reached base 5 times on the night, socking a pair of dingers and driving in 4. He absolutely, positively bangs.
  • Joey Votto is not pitching tomorrow for the Cincinnati Reds, but he probably should be. Instead, it’ll be Vlad Gutierrez, with first pitch set for an early-ish 5:10 PM ET.
  • Tunes.