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It’s cool to be a Cincinnati Reds fan again

Rep the Reds with fresh threads!

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The string of 90-loss seasons was a series of kicks to the shins. The gradual dismantling of the clubs that won the NL Central division titles in 2010 and 2012 was the precursor of that, obviously, and it pained the heart to see so many good names exit the Cincinnati Reds in search of a franchise that put a priority on winning baseball games.

Finally, though, it feels like these Reds are on to something once more. A certain je ne sais quoi that now permeates the roster, and it’s got them on a hot streak that’s turned mere playoff dreams into a true playoff chase reality. From standout rookies to a thumping outfield, a dizzying rotation to Joey Votto proving to all of us that yes, he still bangs, being a Cincinnati Reds fan is as damn fun as it’s been in years right now.

Red Reporter: Does Joey Votto still bang, Homage?

Homage: Yes, Red Reporter. Joey Votto still bangs.

As you watch the 2021 Reds fight for a spot in the real, non-expanded playoffs this year, our friends at Homage are ready to get you into the comfiest, slickest Reds gear imaginable. They’ve got dozens of great options, y’all - that’s why we partnered with them in the first place.

You can celebrate the glory days with Spuds, if you choose. I’m going to.

You can rep the corner outfielders that deservedly started the All Star Game for the National League this season, too.

Or, you can keep it straightforward with Mr. Redlegs, he of the greatest mustache in the history of sports mascotdom.

There are those. There are many, many more, which you can browse and purchase and send to Grandma Bertie or Uncle Davey by following this link.

A pair of quick disclosures go here, the first being that I’ve had a handful of shirts from Homage in my regular rotation for years, and they’re some of the best cut, best fabric shirts I’ve come across. That’s why you’ve seen me hype their gear here at Red Reporter before, since the feel matches the shine in ways you just don’t find elsewhere. Disclosure number two is that if you buy any of these fine threads thanks to the words I’ve typed on this page, a slice of the proceeds are going to find their way to my e-wallet at some point down the road. Welcome to the world of e-commerce!

These Reds are a full eight games over the .500 mark with just under 50 games left to play, and they’re finally getting healthy enough to have their full squad to do it. They’ve got the San Diego Padres in their sights for the Wild Card, with the mighty Milwaukee Brewers to catch in the division. It’s mid-August and the Reds are playing in meaningful games, doing so with a Hall of Famer captaining their ship and some of the filthiest starters anyone out there can assemble, with Nick Castellanos and Jesse Winker swatting extra-base hits all over every park in which they play - most of which drive in Jonathan India.

This team isn’t just good, they’re fun as hell, too. It’s cool to be a Cincinnati Reds fan, something that those of us whose knees hurt when they wake up everyday haven’t been able to say consistently for a long, long time. Savor that. Rep it!