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Above .500 in July? The Cincinnati Reds must be buyers, folks

A Podcast!

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Kansas City Royals Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to me to agree to host a podcast on a new network only to immediately go AWOL for a few weeks. Sorry, sorry.

Anway, the Bleav in Reds Podcast is back with a new episode, and I fully intend on keeping it weekly for the rest of the season - we’ve got the Cincinnati Reds to thank for that, as they spent the last few weeks doing just about everything well to stay relevant while I caught up with family I’d not seen for a year and a half.

As things stand, the Reds are four games over the .500 mark heading into a pivotal series against the Milwaukee Brewers in whatever they call Miller Park these days, perhaps the biggest July series this club has had in a decade. Any club in their right mind would appreciate being in such a good spot in the standings at this juncture of a season, and any ownership group with any sort of care in the world about the product they put on the field should be interested in augmenting them, too.

Does this Reds club have that kind of owner? Because they sure as hell have that kind of team right now, but as we all know at this time of year, all the other good teams through the season’s first ~85 games are also going to try to get better, too.

BK joined me to break it all down, and I hope you’ll have a listen, if that’s your thing. Also, the Chicago Cubs were riding an eleven game losing streak at the time of recording, and you’re damn right we decided to point that out. Twice now, actually.

You can listen by smashing play on the embedded player below, or by following this link and hitting play if that embedded player has been stripped out on your page, for whatever reason.

‘Til next week, when hopefully the Reds are back from the All Star break with a chance to make some major noise in the NL down the stretch.