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Players the Cincinnati Reds will not be acquiring this trade season

A Friday List

Babe Ruth...

The trade deadline for Major League Baseball is rapidly approaching, now just a mere eight days away. Eight days for the wheelers and dealers in this here monopoly to redivvy up their wherewithal, with some teams prioritizing the near term against the long term marinations of their counterparts.

Where the Cincinnati Reds fit into this, who really knows. They gave away their entire bullpen over the winter, let the placeholder who occupied their shortstop position walk without addressing a replacement, and despite the fact that what’s left of the roster has scratched and clawed its way to an above .500 record in the throes of trade season, it seems as if the team’s ownership is going to put the kibosh on any addition though would cause even the slightest net increase in payroll.

While this particular trade season hasn’t seen the breadth of superstar names bandied about the way that previous seasons have, there are - and will be - some seriously talented players moved in the next week. We’ve already seen Nelson Cruz head to the ambitious Tampa Bay Rays, for instance - yes, even the Rays are taking on salary - while the Milwaukee Brewers long ago got busy getting better with their splash for Willy Adames.

With that said, this Friday List is a small smattering of names that the Cincinnati Reds will not be acquiring this particular trade season: