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Reds vs Phillies Game Three: Washed out

The Reds didn’t lose!

Philadelphia Phillies v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

(EDITORS NOTE) No game today. Re-Opening Day is re-scheduled for the 9th against the Brewers.

Yesterday sucked the hind tit. I hope today is better.

Vladimir Gutierrez starts for the Reds. It would be good if he was good, but the way things are going man I’m not 100% confident that he won’t be bad.

The Reds are lookin realllllllll dang shitass right now and that’s mostly because Bob Castellini was unwilling to put any effort in making it otherwise. I kinda feel the same way about this shitass blog right now.

Which the real sucks part is for the dudes out there playing everyday. They are all doing the best they can, but when Bob turned out his pockets he made it clear they are on their own. And folks wanna fire David Bell and I can’t even start with that shit.

It’s hard hanging on to a team through a season like this when one salad-brained old man getting scared by the numbers he reads in his morning paper can render the entire operation futile.

The forecast is for rain.

It’s Re-Opening Day, which is a weird thing.