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Pizzas that are cooler than the Reds losing on walk-off dingers

A Friday List.

A Detroit-style Pizza Pie Photo by Corin Hirsch/Newsday RM via Getty Images

Yesterday saw the Cincinnati Reds ride a roller coaster of emotions. Not just any roller coaster, either - we’re talking vintage 1987 The Beast at Kings Island, with incredible speeds being reached while you wonder just how sturdy the rusty bolts are holding the entire fire hazard together. King Cobra stuff where your neck gets shaken all to hell whilst the adrenaline in your bloodstream makes your eyes bulge.

A no-hitter watch, a comeback off the game’s most prolific closer, Jonathan India socking the biggest dinger the Reds have hit in years, all before a Bottom of the 9th calamity endemic of exactly how this team was built last winter. In the end, it was just one single game in a haystack of games, but one that resonated with a full-capacity stadium and a pair of teams who’ve collectively played some damn fine ball this year.

We get the chance to move on later tonight. The Reds get the chance to move on, too, with a trio of very important games left to play in San Diego still on their slate, and a chance to put last night’s frustration immediately behind them. Some of us, though, might need a little bit more distracting to assuage the frowns given to us by Vic Caratini, and with that in mind, here’s A Friday List of pizzas that are way cooler than the Reds losing via late-night walk-off dingers.

Pizza Perfect - Nashville, TN

Blue Pan Pizza - Denver, CO

Pi Artisan Pizzeria - Lahaina, Maui

My house, you idiots - Denver, CO

Antonio’s Pizza - New York City

Miguel’s Pizza - Slade, KY

Pizzeria Bokamorra - Split, Croatia

Northside Pizza & Wings - Breckenridge, CO

Pizza Industria - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Sir Pizza - Lexington, KY

Enzo’s End Pizzeria - Denver, CO