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Reds vs. Rockies, Game Three - Previews and Lineups

Tony Santillan makes his MLB debut!

MLB: MAR 08 Spring Training - Reds at Cubs (ss) Photo by Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This Sunday will be a big day for Tony Santillan as he will be making MLB debut for the Cincinnati Reds. This has been a long awaited milestone for the young man and Reds fans who have been watching him chuck the rock for the past six seasons. He’s had big years but control inconsistencies, and a global pandemic, have put a slow down on his progression a bit, but there is no other pitcher in the Reds system that has big game stuff like Santillan (outside of Greene and Lodolo). Santillan was originally drafted by the Reds in the 2nd Round of the 2015 draft as a high schooler out of Texas. What I remember about his is the picture we often used for him on Farmers Only had a weird mustache and he looked skinny. Now he’s filled out and he’s a big strong man with a goatee.

Santillan sits a 6’3, 240lbs and maintains a mid 90’s fastball all game long that touches in the high 90’s. Earlier in his professional career, he was a guy that flirted with with 100 MPH but he’s dialed that back a bit, improving his control, and secondary pitches. His best pitcher, other than his fastball, is a slider that sits in the high 80’s and has fantastic bite and he also throws a changeup that needs some work but he can get people out with. In his last start, Santillan worked 7 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, and 13 K. In that final start, which was over a week ago, he threw 110 pitches and on the final one he pumped in a 98 MPH strike. In 32 innings at AAA he has a 2.51 ERA, a 3.33 BB/9, and a 12.5 K/9 which will play just fine in the MLB. He’s a bit of a fly ball pitcher and will give up some dingers but his goal is to miss bats.

Here’s to hoping that the Reds can put some runs up on the board for the young man and he can get his first career win. The Reds will be facing Antonio Senztela who does not strike fear into the hearts of hitters.

Oh, and if you did not hear, it sounds like Hunter Greene is getting called up to AAA.


*McMahon is playing 3B not 2B.