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Reds vs Brewers Game Three: Lineups and preview and other things

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Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds
shit-talkin’ motherfucker
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

I can’t figure, but the Reds done took four from the Cardinals and can win this series against the first-place Brewers with a win today. That’s kinda good! It’s really good to see the Reds playing good baseball.

Speaking of Reds baseball, they will play another baseball game this afternoon against the Brewers. Luis Castillo will hump the bump for your Redboys hoping to deflate that 6.63 ERA. I wish I knew what was up, or even had some asinine thing to say about it. But jeez Louise I can’t figure a damn thing about it. Hopefully he burns up six innings today and strikes out a million. To his left will be Freddy Peralta.

It is a good thing to see Tyler “The Naked Kid” Naquin back in the lineup. Remember when the Reds were so raw for outfielders that they traded for Brian Goodwin? That was like nine months ago. Maybe some loser team out there will DFA a perfectly good shortstop and the Reds can get one that way.