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Dylan Cease, Chicago White Sox dismantle Cincinnati Reds in 9-0 thumping

That might be the worst loss of the year (so far).

Pittsburgh Pirates v. Cincinnati Reds Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB via Getty Images

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Tucker Barnhart had two hits for the Cincinnati Reds.

The Cincinnati Reds had two total hits.

Dylan Cease, the 25 year old starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox who had not had a single plate appearance since he was in high school in 2015 had three hits.

Key Plays

  • Jose Abreu has a particular proclivity for socking big homers. The Top of the 2nd saw him do just that off Jeff Hoffman, a 417 foot solo shot over the wall in left center, putting the Reds in a 1-0 hole. Later, a walk to Yasmani Grandal continued the unraveling of Hoffman, as a trio of singles - one from pitcher Dylan Cease - then followed, the last of which from Tim Anderson plated another pair of runs. Reds trailed, 3-0.
  • Hoffman was eventually chased in the Top of the 3rd in favor of Jose De Leon, who did a reasonable job of limiting the damage. That said, a sac fly plated another run before the inning would finish, and the Reds were in a 4-0 crevasse.
  • De Leon walked a guy who does not walk before allowing a double to Cease (the pitcher) in the Top of the 4th. They both scored, and Chicago then squeezed in a 7th run somewhere while I was busy punching myself in the face.
  • Cease got another hit, this time off Sal Romano in the Top of the 5th. Don’t worry, the Sox scored a run in that inning, too. Reds trailed, 8-0.
  • They got a 9th run, and that’s how it ended. 9-0, Sox.

Tony Graphanino

Other Notes

  • That was an ass-kicking as thorough as any I can remember, honestly.
  • We waited an hour extra for that ass-kicking to commence, too, as weather bumped back the start.
  • Amir Garrett got a 7-game suspension for whatever reason. Javy Baez got a fine. The MLB penalty-box office is about as legit as the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Alex Blandino fired a scoreless Top of the 9th, hitting 89 mph easily with some good movement on a two-seamer, and that paired with his unhittable knuckleball has him moving up the bullpen depth chart.
  • Sonny Gray will be on the bump when these two teams go back at it in a few hours, with Dallas Keuchel going for the White Sox. First pitch is set for 12:35 PM ET.
  • Tunes.