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Atrocious Reds fall to Chicago Cubs 10-2

Another day, another performance indicative of expectations.

Atlanta Braves v Cincinnati Reds Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The sad truth is that there are precious few zoomed-in shots of Mr. Redlegs in our photo hopper. That means I have to resort to using the same ones over and over and over again as the Cincinnati Reds continue their slide back to futility from last year’s pit-stop at mediocrity.

Today, the Reds fell as flat as possible against the Chicago Cubs. Miscast defenders made costly mistakes, and the pitching never once bailed them out. Luis Castillo, resident ‘ace’ of the staff, again was hounded for runs by the opposition, unable to break the funk that permeates this roster in a big spot. The arms walked runners on, walked runners in, and the arms being counted on heavily despite having been cast aside by every other franchise mostly did what arms that are cast aside by every other franchise do: they showed why that was the case.

This is 50 games into the season. Last season was only 60 games altogether. With an ownership group that has repeatedly shown its hand as being both penny-pinching and prioritizing profits over wins, you have to wonder how much worse 22-28 in the standings has to get before they begin to cut more costs and run again. Days like today go a long way towards making shareholders that are in it for the money - and not in it to win it - beg to stop the financial bleeding.

Chicago scored 10 runs, Cincinnati scored just 2, and here we are again as June looms.

They’ll try this thing in some form or fashion again tomorrow.