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Reds at Cubs Game One - Preview and Lineups and such

got that wiggly feel

Cincinnati Reds v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

#AllOfTheSudden the Redboys went to the Capitol and beat both Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. Thems some savory taters. The real jam part of the series was Geno Suarez hitting in the leadoff spot and actually hitting in the leadoff spot. He hit two home runs in the series and got on base five times. The ol’ eyeball test says he might look like he’s maybe starting to contemplate the theoretical possibility of perhaps eventually coming around, so that’s cool.

They are in Chicago today to play ball with the Cubbies in a matinee tilt. Adbert Alzolay is gettin’ drunk at work, I guess? I’m thinking like Dilbert in the copy room slurping Alizé.

Vladimir Gutierrez humps the bump this afternoon for the Reds, making his Major League debut. Gooter was among that triad of high-dollar signings out of Cuba some years back along with Alfredo Rodriguez and Jose Israel Garcia (I’m kinda disappointed he dropped the “Israel” from his name I always thought it sounded really cool and there’s a ton of Jose Garcias out there, you know? Though given the country’s latest bullshit, maybe it’s best for him to avoid that SEO). So I’m pretty excited to see him. Word is that Boddy and the Bodacious Spinrates have been jammin’ with him for a while now and his new record is pretty dope.

I’m most super most excited to get to watch Javy Baez play baseball. El Mago es muay magnifico.