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Collective nouns of various pasta shapes

A Friday List

San Francisco Giants v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

A swishing of fettuccine

A raft of mostaccioli

A gnarl of spaghetti

A wholelotta macaroni

A can of ravioli

A glowter of radiatorre

A clootch of linguine

A rabble of ziti

A hoff of penne

A steely dan of mezzelune

A quorum of cavatappi

A roundmug of orzo

An oeuvre of tagliatelle

A bloom of farfalle

A big ol bucket of alphabet shapes

A maiden’s barrel of rotini

A mess-on-the-floor of pizzocheri

A 12-and-9 of fusilli

A gustonning of ditalini

A Greek amount of lasagne