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Reds vs. Giants, Game 4 - Preview and Lineups

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

This Reds team is beyond frustrating. First they lose two in Colorado, only to then come back and win two exciting games coming back into a homestand where they could do some damage. They’ve since lost 3 in a row, mostly to former Reds’ pitchers, and now get Johnny Cueto in the day game today. Yippee.

Johnny’s already in his 6th season in San Francisco, which is hard to believe. The long-time Red missed a spell earlier this season, but at age 35, you pretty much know what you’re getting from Johnny Cueto.

The Quiet Assassin Tyler Mahle takes the ball for the Reds. In a year where the Reds’ rotation has had many ups and downs, I’m not sure there’s anyone who’s been more consistent at this point than Tyler Mahle. Outside of that crazy 13-12 Cubs game, Mahle hasn’t given up more than 2 runs in a start all year, which is exactly what this team needs after two straight nights of heavy bullpen use.

In other news, Moose is back on the shelf.

You’re telling me this team couldn’t have used an extra corner infielder on a short-term basis?

Peep this spring-training-ass lineup:

As specified, today’s game will be streamed live on YouTube for free, so definitely check it out if you’re so inclined. Go Reds.