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Good Things

A Friday List

When somebody smart talks about something they love


Dog sighs

When the sun comes up

A good song you haven’t heard in a while

Finding the time

Washing your hands with intent and great care after working in the garden

Reading a book you know you won’t like every now and then to reaffirm your confidence that your prejudice is warranted

Being young

English cheese

Looking forward to going to a baseball game with friends you haven’t seen in a while

When the sun goes down

The way little kids look when they run

Cold mornings when you fix a pot of coffee before you take out the dog so when you come back inside you got a cup of hot coffee ready


This old Burger King commercial starring Dan Cortese promoting Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Prince of Columbus Jesus Aguilar stealing signs

When the meeting is canceled

Getting older

Turning it up

Getting it out

Breaking it off

Putting it over

Givin’ ‘em the business

Sitting on the porch and listening to a ballgame