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Good Morning, Charlie - Food for Breakfast

Sit on down and have a cool glass of skim milk with your old pal

Cincinatti Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

A Good Thing - My man Tucker Barnhart has been doing some real shit so far this year. Last night he bonked a pair of doubles and did some inspiring work behind the plate, as well. Tyler Mahle started the game looking so shaky Neil Young was thinking of writing a song about him. But the barncat sprang into action, killed a few small animals, and then curled up in Ty’s lap to help him calm down and get through the inning.

Nothing but respect for my catcher.

Another Good Thing - Shogo is back. He hasn’t played as much as I would have expected in these first few games, but it’s probably nothing. I think he’s gonna be really fun to watch.

More Good Things - The Reds are back to .500. That’s good. Relatively so, anyway. And Tyler Naquin isn’t slowing down. He is now third on the team in hits behind league leaderboard residents Jesse Winker and Nick Castellanos. And his eight home runs are just two off the pace set by Ronald Acuna Jr, who isn’t quite as restricted by the laws of thermodynamics as the rest of us are.

Even More Good Things! - Tejay Antone talked to @PitchingNinja and it’s a fun interview.

A Really Cool Thing - Here’s Bob giving you a look at how every gun chud gets dressed in the morning.

A Crummy Thing - Jeff Bezos is buying a yacht for $500 million while many of his employees work for starvation wages in dangerous conditions. But what’s new.