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Cincinnati Reds with fewer career dingers than Tyler Naquin

A Friday List

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Naquin has been a member of the Cincinnati Reds for about eleven total seconds, but in that time he has shown himself to be a dinger-socker of epic proportions. Hat-tip to the Pittsburgh Pirates there, I guess.

Anwyay, it’s hardly out of the question that Naquin could blast four homers in six games. In his rookie campaign with Cleveland back in 2016, he socked 14 in just 365 PA, roughly a 25 dinger-per-650-PA pace had he managed to play an entire season. That’s been Naquin in a nutshell for his career, though - a potent bat capable of socking dingers, but had he managed to play an entire season being a constant bugaboo as injuries and underperformance related to said injuries doing their damnedest to keep him off the big league field more often than not.

Who knows what the future will hold for Naquin with the Reds as Jesse Winker gets healthy and Shogo Akiyama’s hamstring heals, but what he’s already given us in very limited time this year has been the stuff of legend. In fact, the four dingers he has socked while in a Reds uniform has tied or surpassed the career totals produced by a lot of notable names who have also worn the jersey, so for our Friday List we’re going to highlight some of those below.

An incomplete list of Cincinnati Reds you may have heard of once upon a time who have socked the same, or fewer number of career dingers in the jersey as Tyler Naquin:

Orlando Cabrera

Ed Armbrister

Miller Huggins [HoF]

Joe Nolan

Micah Owings

Ken Raffensberger

Adam Rosales

Juan Samuel

Kurt Stillwell

Jeff Treadway

Wladimir Balentien

Jim Thorpe

Jason Bourgeois

Ice Box Chamberlain

Charlie Comiskey [HoF]

Matt Davidson

Jim Edmonds

Skip Schumaker

Terry Francona

Paul Konerko

Skeeter Barnes

Royce Clayton

Paul Derringer

Ruben Sierra