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Red Reposter - 2020 really did change everything huh

The Reds are jammin’ now dontcha know?!

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Keeflaw has a bit about how a bunch of top prospects have been doing so far this season. He’s impressed with Jonny Bollywood, just the same as you and me.

Trevor Bauer is being unfairly persecuted by the haters because they are all jealous of his clout, probably. MLB took a bunch of balls from his last outing and is testing them to see what all shit he puts on them. Of course, Bauer is the kind of asshole who earnestly believes that the rules are for suckers and that the haters use the rules to get back at the winners like him, so he honest-to-god believes himself to be a victim.

Look, it’s clear that pitchers are now and always have been doing various things to the baseballs to try to get some kind of edge on the hitter. Whether it is pine tar, sunscreen, andrenochrome, or some proprietary alchemic mixture produced and distributed by clubhouse attendees, MLB seems to be attempting to at the very least look like they are scrupulously litigating these kinds of issues, but Bauer is certainly right about one thing: MLB has next-to-zero credibility on the issue.

Dee Strange-Gordon has caught on with the Brewers. He got a minor-league deal in the wake of Orlando Arcia getting the middle finger from the Brewers and taking the number nine bus down to Sherman, GA.

As you might recall, he was in camp with the Reds this spring. He was okay but Kyle Farmer and Alex Blandino beat him out for a spot on the bench.

Shogo could be a-go-go by early May, according to Trent. But with Senzel, Naquin, Castellanos, Winker, and Aquino all playing fantastic baseball so far, there is no rush. I really do think Shogo is the best lead-off hitter among them and he very well could have the best glove, too, so I doubt he will be relegated when healthy. He’s still weeks away though so just jam on the awesome shit these dudes are smashing right now and we’ll deal with it when we have to.

If like me you have been nonplussed by the Reds and MLB making it more and more difficult for their fans to consume their product, then this piece here about Sinclair and Hulu and Bally Sports and whateverthefuck will do absolutely nothing to change your state of mind.

Fortunately these bloodless capitalists are easily hoist on their own petard. Their Byzantine regulations around who can watch the baseball and how leave a gaping hole for black-market actors to easily step in. Supply and demand isn’t difficult, business boys. Get your shit together.