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Joey Votto socked his 300th career dinger, and we rejoiced

Congrats, Joe Dan!

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs

There’s just something about round numbers and baseball history. For Joey Votto, this season for the Cincinnati Reds gave him the opportunity to hit a few milestones of serious note, one of them being the chance to sock his 300th career dinger.

Maybe it was the return of Jake Arrieta to both the Chicago Cubs and GABP that gave Votto the extra impetus to get there. Whatever the reason, though, he took a little extra pop and whacked number 300 on Friday.

It left the bat at over 113 miles per hour, and traveled just shy of 430 feet into the sun deck in right field at GABP, one of the more impressive shots we’ve seen from Joey this year.

It helped open the floodgates for the Reds, too. Eugenio Suarez later broke his dry spell with a tater, while Nick Senzel got his first honk of the year, too.

Congrats to Joey on a career we’ve all been able to relish, and on a dinger that’s hopefully just one more round number on a way to many more.