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Good Morning, Charlie - A Good Morning to be Jay Bruce

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A Good Thing - The Reds are in first place. That’s way good. It’s important to start with a good thing.

A Sad Thing - Jay Bruce hung up his cleats the other day. This community grew up around that young core with Bruce and Votto and Cueto and Bailey in the late aughts, and many around here have shared nostalgia over the last few days. I wish I had anything to add.

I’ve probably written about Jay Bruce more than I have any other player (aside from Joey) in all my years interning here at RR. Looking back right now at the full breadth of his baseball career (and my coinciding time spent here spiraling down this bloghole) and I feel like listening to The Hold Steady. I never got into them, but Brendanukkah once said I should give them a try sometime when I’m old enough to feel nostalgic.

That last paragraph is practically humid with the musk of RR.

I guess it’s A Thing that at this moment in time as we stop to think back on the career of The Next Big Thing alls I can think about is this place.

A Jam Thing - Are you discontent with the current state of baseball? Me, too! Newcastle fans are organizing a trust to attempt to buy their favorite English football team. Professional sports across the globe are owned and operated almost exclusively by the ultrawealthy and treated mostly as reasonably profitable investments and harmless distractions for their legions of failsons. But what if - and I know this sounds dumb - but what if we didn’t let the rich bastards who ruin everything ruin sports for us, too?

It has always been wild to me that sports media looks at the Green Bay Packers and their radical ownership model and alls they can ever say is “boy them Packers look good again this year, huh?” I wonder if there is any difference between running an organization in such a way that all of the profits funnel straight into the pockets of the richest butthair involved and running an organization in such a way that all of the profits are shared for the good and benefit of the entire organization.

I’m sure somebody’s wrote about this somewhere at some point.

A Cops Thing - I swear I never intended for this thing to go on and on and on about the goddamn cops all the time, but I’m only so disciplined. Of course, that’s far more than we can say for the chopper cops of Columbus. The other night a few of the local goon squad took one of the department’s many helicopters up for a moonlight cruise. They were very careful to avoid flying over any of the rich neighborhoods and made their way southeast of downtown where a lot of poor brown folks live. They flew the chopper around for a while, waking up and menacing entire neighborhoods, and drew out the letters “CPD” with their flight path.

I swear I’ve read a half-dozen bits on this and just wrote that paragraph myself and I still can’t quite believe the brazen contempt the police department has for the people of this city. I mean, here’s a story about a police department wasting thousands and thousands of dollars of the taxpayers’ money for two explicit goals - havin’ a good time with your buds and fuckin’ around with the sub-humans on the other side of the interstate even though you are paid handsome salaries in exchange for your explicit pledge to serve and protect those sub-humans on the other side of the interstate.

I work for the government myself and optics are very important in what I do. We are expected to be professional in every interaction we have with the community. The director has a habit of saying “don’t say or write anything that you would not be comfortable seeing on the front page of the dispatch.” Which is manager-speak for “we are employed in the service of the people and if you are derelict in that service then you will be held accountable and dude noooooooooobody trusts or likes us so seriously don’t fuck up.”

I wonder what would happen if I went down to old South High School with a giant speaker system and blasted the Cops show theme song at them through the entire school day. Not for any constructive purpose, just to let them know that we are watching them so they better get good grades.

What do you think my boss would say to that? I sure hope he has my back like Chopper Dan’s boss has Chopper Dan’s back.

Bodker said no calls for service were missed while the pilot spelled out the pattern and took less than 10 minutes.

However, Bodker said even the appearance that officers are not operating within the mission of the aviation section is not acceptable.

Commander Robert Sagle, who oversees the aviation section, is reviewing the flight pattern and details of the flight.

Police helicopters were set to cost taxpayers $3.4 million in the proposed 2021 budget.

Well I sure feel better now. This kind of tomfoolery will never happen again.

A Palate-Cleansing Thing -

Mmm mmmmm. Have a good day.