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Good Morning, Charlie - The good, the bad, and the bloggy

Things happen

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at San Francisco Giants Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

A Good Thing - This humble blogster has been an unapologetically craven Tyler Mahle booster for a good long time now. And yesterday against the Giants he didn’t do anything to change my opinion at all. Mahle’s stuff is as unhittable as any Reds pitcher I have seen in years. He threw four innings of no-hit eyeball-slicin’ yesterday afternoon, striking out seven in that span.

A Bad Thing - The fifth inning. And the defense. Well, I don’t wanna go so far as to say the defense was ‘bad,’ but it wasn’t a good thing.

A Joey Thing - He was 1-3 on the afternoon, roping a single with two outs in the ninth. He really, really looks close to being absolutely locked in. In fact, I’d say he absolutely is locked in right at this second. He pounded two more hard-hit balls yesterday, a flyout to the warning track (he juuuuuuust got under it) and the aforementioned laser single.

I’ve been making a habit of checking in the morning. Especially, I like to flip through the archived game from the night previous and make a point to watch every PA Joey got. I never really watched baseball with intention like that before, and I’m having a ball. It’s a really fun thing.

A Crummy Thing - Another thing that I’ve been doing recently is flipping through my twitter in the morning and getting myself good and pissed off before I finish my second cup of coffee. Some thing that got my sugars all up today is the cabal of Republican state representatives who yesterday introduced a bill that would make ol’ John C Calhoun sit up in his grave and brandish a raging little boner. These white supremacists want to empower themselves and their butt-scrubbin’ buddies with the ability to overturn or ignore any federal law concerning gun ownership if they so choose.

Gun discourse is whatever as hell but the way the GOP keeps using the levers of government to do heinous shit of increasing quantity and severity is a really insane and shitty thing. They’ve gotten to the point in the basketball game where they aren’t just arguing over ticky-tack fouls, they are refusing to dribble and like sending the cops to kneecap the opposing point guard and goin’ at the backboard with shotguns and tire irons. This ain’t politics its violence.

Fun Thing - Yesterday on the way home from school, my son (kindergarten) non-sequitor’d apropos of zero “Mom, you know God is still speaking.” Her blood ran backwards for second and then he said “That’s what that sign says.” They just passed that church on Bethel Rd that hasn’t changed that sign in over ten years.

Still, the Omen vibe she came home with was a really fun thing.

A Holiday Thing - Today is Jackie Robinson Day, which off the top of my head is probably the least complicated tradition baseball’s got going right now. It’s a really great thing.

A Totally Boss Thing - Luka is living on the second floor and we are all down here on the first.