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Good Morning, Charlie - If it is a good morning, which I doubt

What things today?

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A Good Thing - Joey and Moose each hit a homer last night, which is good. Joey has been banging the hell out of the ball the last bit and the ball seems to finally be avoiding the gloves. Moose has been in the middle of it since go and he keeps on bangin.’

A Bad Thing - Luis Castillo threw four clean innings last night. That’s kinda good, but it’s actually bad because the one other inning he threw was really bad.

Looking back, it seems someone was insistent on throwing the two-seam fastball early and often. One was like, “dude are you serious the four-seamer is more like a nine-seamer” and then other was like “nah serious let’s try it.” and so Yaz and Crawford bashed them into the seats and ate back every bit of the lead.

“The first inning wasn’t the greatest,” Castillo said. “Tucker and I weren’t on the same page in the first inning, but we talked in between innings and we got on the same page. He asked me for the pitches, I asked him for other pitches and we just got on the right page after that.”

I don’t wanna speculate as to who is whom here, but I would like to encourage the young fellas to have that sorted before the first inning, not after.

An Incredibly Awesome and Totally Radical Thing - Marcel Ozuna added a hip new scat to the home run trot choreographic lexicon. Way super jam.

Depressing Reminder of the Casual Everyday Violence Visited On The Most Vulnerable People In Our Society Thing -

In the real actual world I work in education. If I told you that kids in Ohio who are incarcerated by the state (whether in a city jail or a big long-term state institution) receive heartbreakingly little in terms of learning. School is often treated as a privilege that is revoked as punishment for behavior or out of plain ol’ spite just because sometimes.

I won’t get too much into it, but here is a remarkable thing - you know who produces the vast majority of licensed barbers in this state? The prisons. Do you know how many hours of training a barber needs to earn that licence in Ohio? 1800. Does that sound like a lot or a little? Who the fuck knows I have no clue. But for reference, you know how many hours of training a cop needs to be a damn cop?

(The cops ‘guarding’ the prisoners need only 737 hours of training.)

The students, as you might imagine, are not paid while they are ‘training.’ It takes them a few hours to learn how to cut hair (let’s say I dunno probably something less than how long it takes to train a cop), but then they still have to slave away unpaid until they hit 1800.

If y’all remember your Constitution the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in this country (unless you are enslaving somebody as punishment for a crime).

It’s 2021 now, man. Slavery isn’t black folks picking cotton in Alabama. We’ve come a longggggg way since 1865.

A Fun Thing - I’d really like to end this with a fun thing.

Have a fun day!