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Reds at Diamondbacks, Game 3 - Preview and Lineups

The Reds look to catch the positive momentum train out of Phoenix.

Cincinnati Reds v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Baseball, despite what the Cincinnati Reds made it look like for the better part of the last week, is a cruel, cruel game. It will make even the best look mortal at an alarming rate, and Saturday night’s contest in the Land of the Endless Strip Mall was no different.

The Reds allowed dink after dink. Their defense couldn’t make the big plays. The bullpen, which has such a wide collection of electric arms, missed spots pitch after pitch.

Sometimes, those things just happen. It’s for that reason that they play so damn many of these things in the first place.

The Reds will take the field again on Sunday, and will do so with a still-stellar 6-2 record. They’ll do so with a very good chance to win yet another series, too, as Sunday’s rubber match has the first half of this roadtrip in the balance. They’ll give the ball to José De León, too, who did his best to strike out just about every single batter he faced in his season debut last week, his first big league start since the 2016 season.

Today’s Reds lineup will see a slight shuffle with the daylight start, as Kyle Farmer will spell rookie Jonathan India, while Jesse Winker’s crampy calf will keep him out of the lineup (but reportedly available to participate) once again. That paves the way for another chance for Tyler Naquin to sock the living hell out of balls again, something I know we are all very much here for.

For Arizona, it’ll be former St. Louis Cardinals 1st round pick Luke Weaver on the bump, the righty who was the big piece moved in the Paul Goldschmidt deal a few seasons back. He has faced off against the Reds 6 times in his career and held them to a meager .698 OPS in those starts, though thanks to some walks and timely dingers by Cincinnati that’s only equated to a 5.06 ERA. And, of course, those Reds offenses are not this Reds offense, so hopefully there will be donkers-a-plenty again today.

First pitch is set for 4:10 PM ET.

Go Reds.

Reds Lineup

Diamondbacks Lineup