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Podcast - Spin rate as the new ‘Moneyball’

Words spoken into microphones for your ears!

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Film Independent At LACMA: “Moneyball” Photo by Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

As week two (three?) of Spring Training marches on, we thought it time to reflect on what we’ve seen from the Cincinnati Reds thusfar.

Who has stood out? Are there any trends worth noticing? Just how amazing can Tejay Antone be? WHY IS TONY SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS CLUB?!

Tony and BK joined me to discuss it all, all while the Reds took on the Los Angeles Dodgers on television for the world to see. Heck, we even saw Nick Senzel sock a dinger off former Reds draftee Josiah Gray. Most importantly, though, we talk about how Antone defines what the Reds are trying to pull off on the pitching side, and whether or not he and his elite spin rate are the new OBP in the market inefficiency revolution - one akin to what we saw offensively a generation ago.

You can find the pod on Soundcloud at this link if the embedded bit orange play button below isn’t showing up on your feed, or you can smash that if you see it.