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Three toppings these Cincinnati Reds would add to their hot dogs

A Friday List

Still Life With Hot Dogs Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images

If you existed in the world of Twitter this week, odds are you were faced with one of the more brain-wrenching decisions of your lifetime:

Which three toppings would you put on this hot dog?

Lord knows I agonized about it. Heck, I even housed a few dogs while contemplating such a life-affirming decision. In the process, I wondered what our own Cincinnati Reds players might go with if faced with said choice...

Kyle Farmer - hash browns (scattered, covered, smothered)

Amir Garrett - brown mustard, the tears of Western Pennsylvania, sweet peppers

Joey Votto - chili, cheese, hot sauce (like a damn Cincinnati legend would)

Eugenio Suarez - Hubba Bubba, Bazooka Joe, Dubble Bubble

Sean Doolittle - floating Naboo fruit, Colo Claw fish, Yoda slop (on a portion bread bun)

Jesse Winker - Buffalo wings, boneless Buffalo wings, Buffalo sauce

Tyler Stephenson - hash browns (scattered, diced, chunked)

Kyle Holder - mahi mahi, slaw, pico de gallo

Michael Lorenzen - ripped fuel, creatine, 12 scoops of protein powder

Sonny Gray - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, brown gravy

Mike Moustakas - onions, onions, some more onions

Sal Romano - capicola, prosciutto, balsamic di Modena

Jose Garcia - swiss cheese, pickles, mustard

Hunter Greene - easy cheese, Taco Bell fire sauce, rocket fuel

Wade Miley - slow-cooked pork shoulder, slow-cooked brisket, slow-smoked mutton

Lucas Sims - hash browns (scattered, peppered, capped)