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Favorite Things

A Friday List

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Charlie Scrabbles’ Favorite Things

  • watching Joey Votto play baseball
  • when you clip off the big toenail in one whole piece
  • the first cup of coffee
  • when your lover leaves the bed and you roll over into their spot and it’s all nice and warm and smells like them
  • the way a chilly spring morning tastes and smells
  • getting a splinter out in one piece
  • when a boring appointment suddenly cancels
  • hearing from an old friend
  • the second cup of coffee
  • breakfast for dinner
  • when horrible people get severely injured
  • when a dog sighs
  • being at a baseball game with my friends
  • powerful narcotics
  • when you get out of the shower on a cold morning and you remembered to turn the little space heater on so now the bathroom is like a jungle without all the nature smells
  • driving around on a nice afternoon with the windows down and the dog has her head out the window
  • getting a moment of quiet alone
  • when I remember my password the first time
  • when the nice folks at the drive-thru use fun terms of endearment like “is that all for you, sweetie?” and “that’ll be five twenty-three, boss.” or “so you really want a 50-piece nugget, a large soda cup filled with mac sauce (with a lid on it), and 15 ice teas half-sweetened and half-unsweetened with three extra cups of just ice, you son of a bitch?”
  • celebrity mugshots
  • when the bad guys get away
  • when people have normal people names for their pets like Gordon (fish), Tim (iguana), Sandra (turtle), or Dylerlynn (sick cat)
  • hugging people I like
  • seeing people I like
  • talking to people I like
  • reading a favorite book again
  • taking a walk
  • teaching
  • playing dominos with my son
  • soft serve
  • hearing a favorite song playing from a passing car or a shop window
  • when a waiting area has free coffee
  • a good-fitting pair of pants
  • when someone you hate gets fired
  • when rich people get severely injured
  • when the thing you want to happen happens
  • finally finding the right conditioner for your hair type
  • warm spring evenings when folks in the neighborhood have their windows open but the bugs aren’t out yet so the evening is nice and quiet and you can hear people having sex the next street over
  • getting to bed early
  • sleeping late
  • a good nap
  • finishing a bottle of beer and smashing the bottle on the ground
  • when good things happen to good people
  • a perfectly ripened banana
  • when you see an actress in like three different commercials at the same time and then the very next week you see her cast in a new sitcom