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2021 Spring Training Game 20: Reds vs. Brewers

No, of course you can’t watch this one, either.

Cincinnati Reds v Cleveland Indians Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Eugenio Suarez was the shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds.

Eugenio Suarez has been getting some more run at shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds.

Tonight, Eugenio Suarez continues to get run at shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds.

As the odd, odd offseason of the Reds continues to evolve, it looks increasingly likely that Geno will get the nod as the team’s shortstop come Opening Day, something that had become an afterthought as spring camp began in Goodyear, Arizona. But after showing up lean and watching the cavalcade of other low-cost options fail to take the job by storm, Geno’s moved left to fill that void, and it appears David Bell is committed to getting him as many looks as possible for the remainder of camp in preparation of that role going forward.

Tonight’s tussle with the Milwaukee Brewers is no different, as Geno is again in the lineup batting cleanup and playing short. Another interesting lineup quirk includes Dee Strange-Gordon getting a start in CF, a spot where his versatility could begin to give him an edge in making the OD roster (especially with Shogo Akiyama, another lefty-swinging CF option, on the shelf with a balky hamstring). Alex Blandino will start at 1B in the continued absence of Joey Votto, and all that (and more) you can read up on below in the Reds travel roster information (thanks, C. Trent!).

Jose De Leon will get the start for Cincinnati, with first pitch set for 9:05 PM ET. It’ll be carried on radio, though there’s no TV feed for this one.

Go Reds.