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2021 Red Reporter Community Prospect Rankings: Joel Kuhnel Is #19 And Mariel Bautista Is #20!

Top 20 list included!

Detroit Tigers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The big fella from North Carolina, with a mighty right arm, slides in at #19 and Mariel Bautista, the toolsy outfielder, takes #20 of our Community Prospect Ranking list! There was a mix up with the numbering so we just added both to round out the lists due to depth in the system not really being great. Congratulations to those two, the rest of the prospects who came before them, and most importantly, you the voter! We couldn’t do it without you.

Most of us haven’t felt it yet but the seasons are slowly changing. I definitely did not feel it because it was -22 degrees when I was walking to work this morning. However, in some parts of the country, birds are returning, snow will start to melt, Tom Brady made his yearly pilgrimage to pick up a ring, and we’ll add a whole hour of sunlight to our day in just this month alone. Hell, more and more of us are getting vaccinated so hopefully we can break past the pandemic that has slowed down so much of society. Thankfully, much like in the lore of Roger Hornsby, we’re almost done staring out the window. Spring is getting closer. Check with your local groundhog about what they saw last week.

While the Reds themselves don’t look super exciting, we are a couple short weeks away from some kind of Spring Training starting up, I think. We will get to see things like the beauty and majesty of Joe Dan Votto, but we also get to look forward to the competition for roster spots and the development of a bunch of youngsters. Year to year, it is mostly the guys from this list that we are looking at for the future and hopefully we will get to see them play in some actual minor league games this year. That would be sweet, but, for now, I’ll just take some pitchers and catchers getting warm ups in.

The 2021 Red Reporter Community Prospect Rankings:

  1. Tyler Stephenson, C
  2. Hunter Greene, RHP
  3. Nick Lodolo, LHP
  4. Jose Garcia, SS
  5. Jonathan India, 3B
  6. Austin Hendrick, OF
  7. Tony Santillan, RHP
  8. Lyon Richardson, RHP
  9. Mike Siani, CF
  10. Rece Hinds, 3B
  11. Tyler Callihan, INF
  12. Christian Roa, RHP
  13. Vladimir Gutierrez, RHP
  14. Jacob Heatherly, LHP
  15. Riley O’Brien, RHP
  16. Jackson Miller, C
  17. TJ Friedl, OF
  18. Ryan Hendrix, RHP
  19. Joel Kuhnel, RHP
  20. Mariel Bautista, OF