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Cincinnati Reds of yore with cool first names - A Friday List


WORLD SERIES: Detroit Tigers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by: Diamond Images/Getty Images

There is not currently Major League Baseball. It’s winter, so you know that intuitively, but in case you’ve been living under a baseball rock for a few weeks, there’s a lockout afoot that’s shut down any and all postseason MLB action for the time being, too.

No trades, no free agent signings at the big league level, no tanking teams able to give away quality players for nothing simply to save a buck. So, we’re forced to look back on the history of the Cincinnati Reds once again instead of focusing on the present, a marketing concept I think this ownership group probably has in a series of motivational posters hanging in offices all over GABP.

Anyway, this Friday we’ll take a look back at Cincinnati Reds who have donned the jersey while named Bart, Barney, Cliff, and Eugenio. Unlike our oft-used incomplete lists, this list is complete and conclusive.

Barney Martin

Barney McCosky

Barney Schreiber

Barney McFadden

Bert Sincock

Bert Sincock?

Bert Sincock!


Bert Haas

Bert Niehoff

Bert Humphries

Bert Daniels

Bert Inks

Cliff Cook

Cliff Heathcote

Cliff Markle

Cliff Pennington (yes, that Cliff Pennington)

Cliff Ross

Cliff Lee (no, not that Cliff Lee)

Cliff Blankenship

Eugenio Suarez

Many thanks to Baseball Reference’s Stathead search tool for the ability to compile this kind of intricately researched publication. I can only assume it’s precisely what they had in mind when they spent countless hours designing it.