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Cincinnati Reds starter Luis Castillo drawing early trade interest

Great, grand, groovy, gahhhh

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Luis Castillo is an exceptional thrower of baseballs. He’s been such for the Cincinnati Reds for the better part of five seasons already, consistently showing his mix of 100 mph heat and knee-buckling changes is one of the most effectual combinations in the game of baseball today.

He’s a desirable quantity. He’s a known quantity. He’s exactly the kind of pitcher every team in baseball who cares about winning games should want around. So, it’s no surprise that as the vultures circle the Reds as they cry poor, Castillo has once again become a name of interest. MLB Network’s Jon Morosi reported on Monday that’s again the case, much as it was last year and the year before and for years and years before that.

Keep in mind that Castillo came to the Reds via trade from the Miami Marlins, who had previously traded him, too, only for Colin Rea’s arm and medicals to effectively nix that deal. Castillo only came to know the Marlins after being let go by the San Francisco Giants earlier in his career, as well, so he’s no stranger to being on the move in this business.

With two years of team control remaining, it has certainly reached the point where Castillo, who’ll be 29 in a month, is probably wondering about his long-term future. The Reds haven’t been linked publicly with any sort of extension for him, and if they aren’t committed to either a) trying to win baseball games or b) building around him, perhaps it is better that they dealt him and got something for the future for when they (/checks notes) once again don’t spend any money and don’t win then, either.

It’s a lovely time to be a Reds fan, folks. While there’s no concrete nature to today’s rumor-hyping, don’t expect this kind of thing to go away any time soon with this ownership group in place.