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Nick Castellanos rumors - Marlins, Giants looking to improve Reds 2022 draft

Wave goodbye while you still can!

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Nick Castellanos formally rejected the Qualifying Offer issued his way by the Cincinnati Reds following his brilliant 2021 season, and subsequently became a free agent again this week. That means some team that’s willing to spend some money is going to spend some money on him, and fortunately for him there are at least 20 or so professional baseball franchises out there that meet those qualifications.

Two of those clubs are the Miami Marlins and San Francisco Giants, as Jon Morosi relayed on MLB Network earlier Thursday.

Thanks to Nick’s rejection of the QO, the Reds stand to get some draft pick compensation for their loss should Castellanos sign elsewhere. Should he sign for over $50 million, a number he’s expected to exceed after opting-out of the $34 million remaining on his deal with the Reds, Cincinnati will land a pick between the end of the 1st round of the 2022 MLB Draft and Compensation Round A (a pick somewhere in the ~30 to 35 range).

Hence why we’re still following the situation, folks.

Picks in that range are far from guarantees of future stardom, of course, as are any and all MLB draft picks in any range. Scouting and development is hard as hell, and a ton of luck is involved, after all. Still, the Reds have managed to carve out some big league success with picks in that range in recent memory, as each of Todd Frazier, Michael Lorenzen, and Alex Blandino were plucked around that area of the draft, as were Taylor Trammell and Jeter Downs - both of whom were rated highly enough to serve as big chips in big trades.

As we Reds fans know, there’s always next year, and the draft picks that will be taken next year and maybe make things around here more palatable by 2025, or so. Certainly something to keep an eye on moving forward.